NAKC CH Alp Angel's Anthea Dell'Albera

Anthea was born in Nova Scotia

Sire: Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori
Dam: Chique Soave Classic Mezzanotte
Born in Canada
Breeder: Jeanine DellOrfano

Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori

Lothario began his life in PA and then travelled to Nova Scotia to live on my farm. We moved back to the USA in 2008 and he saw me through various homes, jobs and two husbands. He saw me through step-motherhood, various other Bergamascos and eventually full circle to a farm once again. Through it all, he was my constant. Lothario had an amazingly cheerful disposition. He never had a bad day. Even on the day of his passing, he was trying his best. He fathered over 30 puppies in his lifetime. He is survived by a family of humans and Bergamascos who miss him terribly. I still look for him on the farm where he spent his last year of life. One of our best years together. I see him daily in the smile of his daughter Anthea. This one puppy changed the direction of my life forever. He guided me to my truest passion. I am forever grateful for his gift. 

Chique Soave Classic Mezzanotte

Mezza was the kindest and most gentle dog I have ever known. She lived to love and to be loved. Her demeanor made it possible to bring her anywhere, including restaurants and vineyards. She came from Reyna Knight in England as a puppy and lived with me in Nova Scotia for most of my time there. She grew up on my farm. She and Lothario were very close and together they produced Alp Angel's first litter and the first Bergamasco litter in Atlantic Canada. Mezza loved children and was a wonderful nanny to our growing girls. They were very lucky to grow up with a dog like Mezza who would tolerate hours of dress up and games and Mezza was very lucky for the attention. She lived a long and wonderful life. She passed away while our L litter was being whelped, her great great grandpups. It was a very difficult day but she left us with her legacy, as it continues. In her own way, it was her final gift to us as she said, go on and take care of those little ones and be happy. She was kind even in her last moments. You will always be etched into my heart Mezza, for as long as I live.