Frequently Asked Questions

We have puppies available to select homes every one to two years. We take great pride in how we raise our puppies, giving them a solid foundation for an easy transition into their new homes.

1. We require our puppy application form to be filled out by all prospective families.

2. Our puppies will come with AKC  and UKC registration and microchip.

3. Our puppies have rear dew claws removed at 2 days old and a full Vet exam at 8 weeks with first vaccines given at 9-10 weeks. Families will be responsible for the booster 3 weeks later and rabies no earlier than 16 weeks.

4. All of our puppies have contracts which we take very seriously.

5. We support our puppies and their families for the life of the dog. We are always a phone call away for any questions or help you may need, especially once the coat starts to flock.

6. We reserve the right to choose our families from our waiting list as we see fit. If we cannot provide you with a puppy, we will refer you to a breeder who can or we will place you top priority for our next litter. We take our waiting list seriously and only breed when we have some secure homes.

7. We have had huge success matching our puppies to their new families. We ask that you keep an open mind on gender and color because it takes all of 8 weeks so really see the differences in temperament and conformation. We like to match our puppies to the types of families they will be going to, activity level of those families and working and show homes.

8. All puppies must be picked up at our home. We love to meet our new families, so come have lunch and a glass of wine with us and learn more about your new puppy! Puppies flying home with their new families can leave at 10 weeks to ensure they are small enough to fly in the cabin rather than cargo.

9. Puppies do not leave us leash trained and housebroken but will have had a start on both.

10. Puppies remain with their mother and siblings until they are 9-10 weeks old for the best kind of socialization and learning experiences. We invite our waiting families to visit their puppies after 3 weeks old and we ensure that all visitor experiences are positive ones for the puppies and we practice tight bio security during these times.

11. Our puppies are raised in our home with children, house sounds, daily occurrences happening around them always. They are free to play among our adult dogs and throughout our farm with supervision. They are introduced to farm life and will see livestock from a safe area by the time they are 9 weeks old. Spring, summer and fall puppies will have ample outdoor exploring time and winter puppies will learn to love snow at an early age.

12. Socialization is key with this breed. We will do all we can during their time with us to ensure they have good and varied experiences. It is imperative that socialization continues as soon as they leave our home to make them well-rounded adults. This involves puppy classes, taking them for car rides, to dog friendly stores and puppy play dates. We do not recommend dog parks. 

13. We will provide all families with a Puppy Culture booklet to help guide you through safe levels of exercise and activity for a growing puppy.

14. We will provide all families with our own book detailing the care for your Bergamasco during the first year.  

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out our puppy application to be considered for our waiting list.